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Audit trail can provide a means to help accomplish several security-related objectives,

including user's activity on database such as what, when and who. actions that happen on each row of table in database, where audit trail was executed.
Very easy to manage and to view report, also can exort report to Excel Sheet.

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Audit trail (Data Activity Monitoring Tool) is used to monitor user’s data activity in database time to time to insure that every activity is going in right direction. It is usefull for those who are keeping their information in SQL Server Database via dierctly or Application/Software. Some times organization gives some permission to specific user to do what ever they like to handle situation but the user can misuse that permission. This tool will help administrator/management to keep watch without any technical help.
Also it is helpful for Q.A. (quality assurance team) who is testing application and wish to know data flow before to approve application. This tool is quite easy to manage and view report than other tools. The person who is not DBA can play with this tool easily. This tool is designed for management/administration department to audit data in database. It is just like a camera on database.

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Title : Audit Trail For SQL Server
Name : Data Activity Monitoring Tool
Version : 2.0
Price : 499$

Title : Audit Trail Reporting SDK
Name : Data Activity Monitoring Report
Version : 2.0
Price : 250$
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